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Terms of Use


Sales & Purchase Agreement for Showroom Sales

The term “J & S Design”, “Seller”, “we”, ‘”our” or “us” shall collectively mean J & S Design and its affiliated companies while the term “Buyer” or ‘you” shall mean the person or a company’s organization individual entering into the Quotation, Sales Order and Sales Invoice with J & S Design.

Our Sales Terms and Conditions mentioned herein will automatically override any Buyer’s terms and conditions. Any deviation must be written on J & S Design’s sales document.

J & S Design’s online purchases may have a separate agreement.


All goods stated in quotation are subject to availability when we process the Sales Order. Seller may reserve its rights to substitute goods of equivalent designs, colours and values.

Quotation based on drawings, photographs, verbal and other similar ways are subject to final site measurement.

Order Confirmation

Deposit 50% to process order and full payment upon delivery. No credit terms and retention is allowed.

Order Confirmation by deposit, verbal and/or other ways of expression intentions by Buyer is deemed to have accepted J & S Design’s Sales Terms and Condition. No cancellation is allowed. Goods once sold are not returnable.

Changes after confirmation

Request for changes of quality or specifications for confirmed order are not allowed. However, Seller may accept such request in writing and is subject to additional charges.


Deposit will be forfeited for order cancellation. J & S Design may, in its sole discretion and without liability, consider accepting order cancellation but Buyer must pay for administrative and labour charges and all already processed and fabricated materials at contract value.


All Cheques are to be made payable to “J & S Design”. No official receipt will be issued for cheque payments. Endorsement by J & S Design’s authorized person on sales documents may be considered as official receipt.

Bills not paid will carry an overdue interest of 1.5% per month and J & S Design reserves all rights to the Title of goods until full payment is made.

Submission Approval

Our quoted price does not include any submission for approval from any government or relevant authorities or any fees that may became payable to Professional endorsements in the cause of carrying out the job.


As J & S Design is only a supplier of the products mentioned in our quote and sales order and have no knowledge if Buyer has obtained the necessary approval to erect and install such products, a confirmation by Buyer to purchase and / or install these products would mean Buyer shall indemnify J & S Design against all claims from whatsoever.

Upon Completion of delivery / installation of the products (as stated in the quote) the Buyer cannot claim that the products delivered / installed does not serve the purpose as long as it is supplied in accordance to the quote and sales order unless Buyer had prior to the purchase, given to Seller its intended purpose of purchase in writing and Seller have given in writing assuring it will serve that particular purpose.

Concealed Items

Buyers ‘s responsibility for site to be good for installation and beforehand informs Seller of any concealed items such as pipes, wiring, etc. Otherwise, Buyer may need to pay for all reinforcement works and restoration works on damaged concealed items.

Handing Over

Any defect must be notified within 7 days of completion to carry out repair/ replacement or supply its equivalent and no other further liability whatsoever. Otherwise, Buyer is deemed to have ACCEPTED it in good order and condition. Thereafter, our standard administrative and labour charges will apply.

Exchange or refund

Non-exchangeable or non-refundable for goods ordered, installed or delivered

Colour, Stretch, Shrinkage, Width variations

Colour may vary from different dye lots for all products and its accessories including fabrics, curtains, blinds, carpet, and wallcoverings.

Stretching and / or shrinkage may occur to all products including fabrics, curtains, carpet, blinds and wallcoverings.

Most roller fabric more than 2500mm width and 2500mm height may need to be joined.

Scope of Works NOT covered

Any supply, erection, dismantling and certification of scaffolding and staging required executing the works. It should to be provided by Buyer.

Provision of any steel frames, brackets, reinforcement to mounting surface etc. for installation of curtains, blinds, shades, etc. If required, this is deemed to be provided by Buyer

Necessary control wiring, surface electrical wiring or concealed electrical wiring and power (13amps) / isolator points (20amps) for motorized window curtains and blinds will be provided by Buyer

Strength of Mounting Area

As a product specialist supplier, we can only provide a full warranty on our products and system.

We are definitely not able to ascertain whether the area (either wall or floor) at which our mounting has to take place is structurally sound. As such should we may be unable to install or fix any product due to weakness of the mounting surface that requires to be reinforced. This reinforcement works should be chargeable to Buyer.

Additionally, if an installation has been successfully completed and later collapses due to the weakness in the mounting surface, and requires reinforcing the area and re-installing the product, separate charges will apply


In compliance with the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Act, no job will be carried out should it poses danger to installer.

Progress payment

J & S Design reserves all rights to suspend delivery or installation work when payment is overdue. Buyer will be liable for all the cost of delay.

Damaged goods

In the event of any damage arising from installation, Seller’s responsibility shall be limited only to the replacement of that damaged goods or it’s equivalent.


Additional charges

Carpet installation

Additional charges to do shifting & disposal of existing flooring, shifting of furniture, cleaning of site, floor levelling, alteration of door and/ or any floor surface protection unless otherwise specified.

Curtains and Blinds installation

Exclude cost to alter or reinforce ceiling to secure the tracks for installation.

Ceiling height exceeds 12 ft. is subject to extra charges.

Additional Packaging charges for Buyer to export the products


Working Hours: Delivery and Installation

Monday to Saturday: 10am to 5pm

Overtime rate: Weekdays at normal rate at 2 times but for public holiday and late night work at 3 times.


Seller reserves the right to add cost of wastage in the final price but wastage materials may not be returned to Buyer.


All applicable Products Warranty is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions of Sales. (Please refer to Warranty web section)

Basically, warranty is one year for product mechanism and systems excluding fabrics unless otherwise stated in the Warranty web section

All warranty must be online registered within 14 days from date of delivery.

Warranty Not Covered

If full payment is not received, the warranty obligation on our part will not be applicable.

If the product has been used to perform functions other than it was designed to handle.

Damaged due to vandalism, accidents, normal wear and tear, abuse, misuse or alterations to product, negligence or Acts of God) including strong winds over 50 km/hr.)

Storage charges

When products, goods and services is/ are ready for Delivery, it must be made within 2 weeks.

Otherwise storage charges at 2% per month on goods value will be charged to Buyers.

J & S Design reserves all rights to the goods and also to dispose of it thereafter. Also the Seller will forfeit any Deposit.

Force majeure

J & S Design is not responsible for any uncontrollable and disrupt event (such as natural disaster) that causes non- fulfilment of any Sales and Purchase contract.