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Outdoor Blind

What is an Outdoor Blind?

Outdoor Blind is essentially a type of Roller Blind system but paired with cable guides. The material specifications are much stringent due to the harsh local climate. Its aluminium tubing is thicker and in bigger diameter with special design exterior fabric meant for outdoor used. Outdoor Blind is gaining its spot in Singapore because new residential buildings are now built with more balcony and patio space.

Typical Outdoor Blind installed at external windows


  • Chain Control
  • Crank Control
  • Power with tubular motor and control via remote control or home automation system


  • Patio, balcony, enclosed outdoor space


  • Barrier against sunlight, rain and wind
  • Stainless steel cable guide and ground locking system to prevent fabric from flying
  • Perforated outdoor fabrics – allow some degree of privacy and outside view


  • Not able to blockout rain water from entering premises
  • Big gap for L-shape windows

Size Limitation:

  • Minimum width: 500mm (manual system); 1,000mm (motorised system)
  • Minimum height: 500mm
  • Maximum width: usually 2.4m (manual system only)
  • Maximum height: usually 3.0m (manual system only)