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Ripplefold Curtain


The terms of Ripplefold and S-fold curtains are used interchangeably in our market. These are wave-like folds pattern curtains which are suitable in both residential and commercial jobs. Ripplefold Curtains are relatively new system. They are versatile and simply stunning. They are usually used in modern and contemporary concept with minimalist look without pleating. Ripplefold Curtains appear the same from the front and back view. In Ripplefold Curtains, carriers are linked at a fixed distance from each other by a cord. Snap tape are attached to the curtain fabrics at the top edge and then hooked underneath the carriers. External light will seep in through the gap between the track and top edge of the curtains. Therefore, pelmet is usually required for Ripplefold Curtains using blackout fabrics so as to reduce the light seepage from outside.

Highlights: They have uniform and appealing look.

Application: Bedroom, Living room, Dining room, Children room, Kitchen, Bay window

Fullness: 2.5 to 3.0 times