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Our sewing room is equipped with up-to-date technology sewing machineries. Our team of sewers believe sewing is a craft, where the very best and latest sewing patterns and best curtains workmanship is here.

Matching Pattern - More fabrics are used to join fabrics with prints and patterns, with our experienced sewers, their workmanship for pattern matching is almost a perfect. Joining some fabrics can be tricky especially is right on the edge and the selvage.

Matching Colour Thread - For curtain sewing, matching colour thread is important. Choosing a thread that will blend in with the choice of fabric. It can be tricky to figure out the perfect thread colour. Pattern fabrics can be the toughest choices, the best option is usually to stick with the background colour.

Leadband - Due to the light-weighted fabrics – Sheers, usually comes with leadband. With leadbands, the curtains will look less flimsy. For those curtains which requires leadband weight, it will be added.

Tiebacks - Sewers custom-made tiebacks to match curtains, which can be of any size or shape.

Sewing Linings - Adding linings to your curtains gives them a professional finish and completes the look inside and out. Linings also protect your curtains from sun damage and general wear and tear.

What We Sew:

  1. All Types of Curtain
  2. Roman Blind
  3. Soft Blind
  4. Bedlinen
  5. Bedspread
  6. Throw Cushion
  7. Table Runner