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Ecolux Blind

What is an Ecolux Blind?

It is also known as Silhouette Blind or Shangri-la blind. It comprises of 2 layers of sheer fabrics sandwiched with horizontal fabric vanes. There are 2 broad type of vanes:

  • Light filtering
  • Dimout

The size of vanes is in 50mm or 75mm. Ecolux Blind is versatile, functional and stylish. When it is fully drawn down, the vanes can be tilted at different angles simultaneously to vary the amount of light penetration. At its fully open position which allow maximum of external light to come in, we still have 2 layers of translucent sheers to provide some degree of privacy.

Ecolux Blind powered by Somfy Motorised System

Application: bedroom, study room, living and dining rooms, office, restaurants


Allow better light filtering and privacy control

Soft, versatile, functional and stylish

Create a tidy and uniform look inside and outside view

Save installation space

Not recommended in wet area like bathroom or kitchen.

Limitation: inserts can be trapped in the space between vanes