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Viewty Blind

What is a Viewty Blind?

This is a relatively new innovation using the same system as roller blind. There are different names being used, depending on the country & manufacturers – Double Roller Blind, Zebra Blind, Vision Blind or Duo Shade. It uses 2 layers of horizontal stripe fabrics to create the open and closed effect. The stripes consist of alternate opaque and light filtering fabrics. When the blind is drawn up or down, the light can be cut out by coordinating the opaque stripes on of the layers to cover the light filtering stripes on the other layers. Vice versa, when the light filtering strip coincide in both layers, it allows more light to come in. For maximum openness, Viewty Blind can be drawn up all the way up exactly like Roller Blind.


  • Manual system via pull cord
  • Power with tubular motor and control via remote control or home automation system


  • bedroom, study room, living and dining rooms, office, restaurants


  • Allow better light filtering and privacy control
  • Functional and cost effective
  • Create a tidy and uniform look inside and outside view
  • Save installation space


  • Not recommended in wet area like bathroom or kitchen
  • Not ideal if 100% darkness in room is required
  • Not able to cut out noise from outside
  • Not recommended for L-shaped windows

Size Limitation:

  • Minimum width: 500mm (manual system); 800mm (motorised system)
  • Minimum height: 500mm
  • Maximum width: usually 2.8m
  • Maximum height: usually 3.2m