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Motorised Curtain

Motorised Curtains


Improved life style. Now that you no longer are required to pull your curtains manually, especially for those heavy and difficult to pull. Motorised Curtains provide great convenience for controlling the level of light entering the room. They can be electrical powered or battery operated. With the advancement of technology, the cost is becoming more affordable.

Cordless design for child’s safety. You can live at ease knowing children are safe from strangulation hazards.

Perfect for hard to reach areas. Rather than struggling with how you are going to control the windows in inconvenient places like stairwells and high ceilings. You can sit on the couch, grab your remote, and look up with ease knowing you can let some sunshine stream in.

Motorised curtains \can be controlled by a remote control, wall switch, mobile apps, computer or home automation system. With home automation, motorised system can add additional safety and security while you’re on vacation or business trips.

Indoor heat gain can be reduced with the incorporation of rain and sun sensor. Curtains can be automatically closed whenever there is strong sunlight

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