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Roller Blind

What is a Roller Blind?

Roller Blind is one of the most popular window covering products in Singapore. In the past, it is heavily used in the offices and commercial buildings as it is neat, uniform and formal. But now, due to the urbanisation, our new residential dwellings in Singapore are becoming smaller. Roller Blind proved to be more useful as it takes up less space. In addition, it is easier to clean and maintain. Besides that, in the recent decades, many architects and interior designers specified only Roller Blind in their modern form of residential building design – even for those big bungalows with high ceiling!

How it operate?

Roller Blind fabrics are usually stiffer than Curtain fabrics. They essentially rolled on an aluminium tube and operated up and down vertically with chain control mechanism. Motorised system is also available in conjunction with remote control, wall switch and/or smart home system! Our J & S Design Roller Blinds are all made-to-order. They comprise of exciting mix of Roller Blind fabrics that come with distinctive options:

  • A wide spectrum of Roller Blind fabric designs and colours to match any interior decor
  • Blackout fabrics to provide room darkening effect
  • Technical sunscreen (perforated Roller Blind fabrics) to reduce heat gain and provide energy saving
  • Light Filtering fabrics to filter the sunshine and at the same time served as stylish soft decorative window covering

Types of Roller Blind

Blackout Blind
It is used to blockout sunlight and is often chosen for rooms like bedrooms, entertainment rooms and/or areas where they exposed to strong sunlight. 

With the use of side channels, this type of blind can almost eliminate all external sunlight thus providing 100% room darkening.

High performance fabrics are used here to filter both heat and UV rays. It can keep indoor temperature lower, less glaring and permit outside view from inside. Sunscreen does not provide much privacy when indoor is brighter than the outside. Many building owners enjoying energy saving due to lesser heat gain. The UV protection also helps to protect furnishings from harmful UV damage. It is an excellent choice for office buildings or dwellings with large windows.

Light Filtering Blind
This type of blind is less translucent than Sunscreen but provides better privacy. This makes it ideal for use in living room where outside view is less important.

Light Filtering Blind will make your room darker. The amount of light filtering out depends on the weight, colours as well as the weaving of the fabrics.

Roller Blind Fabrics Chart

Will Roller Blind more expensive than curtains?

The cost of Roller Blind depends on the dimensions, control mechanism and type of fabrics. In general, it will cost less than curtains because less fabrics are required.


  • Chain Control (with or without spring-loaded option)
  • Power with tubular motor and control via remote control or home automation system

Application: Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room, Children Room, Offices, Restaurant


  • Simple but practical
  • Perforated fabrics – provide some degree of privacy and outside view
  • Blackout fabrics + side channels – allow room darkening and provide better sleeping environment in the bedroom application


  • Sound absorption quality is not as good as heavier curtain fabrics
  • Big gap for L-shape windows or 2 adjacent blinds

Size Limitation:

  • Minimum width: 500mm (manual system); 1,000mm (motorised system)
  • Minimum height: 500mm
  • Maximum width: usually 2.4m (manual system only)
  • Maximum height: usually 3.0m (manual system only)