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Swag & Tail

What are Swag & Tail?

They are many types of Swag & Tail in our window furnishing trade. The fabrication and level of complexity vary from simply hanging fabrics over a decorative rod to the most elaborate decorative top treatment. They comprise of 2 sections:
Swag - the middle part formed by a number of "scallop" look-alike shape (which is why sometimes we refer Swag & Tail as "Scallop")
Tail - vertical tails which hung at both sides and/or in between scallops

Swag & Tail serve no functional purpose. They are not able to provide room privacy alone. Hence, they are usually paired with curtains and blinds. Not all fabrics are recommended for Swag & Tail. Most commonly used fabrics are Velvet and Chenille which are heavier. They very elegant, glamorous, gorgeous especially for larger and high windows. For lighter fabrics (e.g. silk), lining fabrics are required to make it drape better. On the other hand, Swag & Tail can add style and romance to your room if sheer fabrics are adopted.

Highlights: Elegant, glamorous, gorgeous, romantic (with the use of sheers)
Application: Hotel lobby, ball rooms, stage, living room, official reception
Limitation: No functional use