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Eyelet Curtain

Eyelet Curtains (or Grommet Curtains) work only with decorative pole which it slips through every pieces of eyelets. Metal eyelet rings are permanently fixed onto the curtain headers. Eyelet Curtains They are elegant and luxurious. For very large window, Eyelet curtains can be used as dummy decorative side panels in conjunction with another layer of curtain.

Our eyelet curtains will fit poles up to 35mm diameter. The eyelet rings come in different colours.

Even numbers of eyelet rings are used in a finished curtain so that both sides of the curtain will end by turning back to the window. Distance between eyelet rings is usually 150mm to 200mm.

Eyelets are positioned approximately 5cm from top edge of curtain (to top of inner diameter of eyelet ring).

Application: Living room, Dining room, Hotel Lobby, Changing Room (as door)

Benefit: Luxurious, elegant, can be used as dummy decorative side panels

Standard Fullness: 3 times

Limitation: cannot be motorised

Size Limitation: there is no limitation in terms of width and height. However, Eyelet Curtain can only fit in between 2 decorative rod brackets and the distance is usally no more than 1.5m. Hence, each panel of Eyelet Curtain could only made up to 1.5m wide so that it can be drawn freely!