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Roman Blind

One of the most popular choices among our customers because it is beautiful as well as very practical. They are suitable for minimalistic, modern or luxurious interior – depends on the type and fabric. 

Roman Blinds like curtains, have plenty fabric options to choose from solid colours to prints. There are many types of stacking available in our market: 

  • Waterfall or cascade - spacing between folds increases as it goes downwards; fabric patterns can be shown more.
  • Equal Step or European - spacing between folds remains the same
  • Perfect Fold - same as Equal Step but the stacking is small, suitable for full height window where outside view will not be blocked.

The system goes up and down with manual chain or pulley cord. Either way, the system size is limted to maximum weight of 7.5kg. Usually, it will be hard to pull up if the size is beyond 300cm wide x 300cm high.

For bigger windows, we offer power-operated systems. Maximum size can be increased to 600cm wide x 800cm high.

If you are looking for beauty and functionality in one then this is the right choice. 

Application: Bedroom, Living room, Dining room, Children room, Kitchen, Bay window, suitable for both big (motorised) & small (manual) windows

Fullness: 1.0 time

Highlights: soft, uniform appearance, streamlined look, minimalist and space saving.