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What is Ziptrak®?

Ziptrak® is the original outdoor blinds system with a patented, track-guided design that glides smoothly and stops at any height.

The most popular track-guided blind system in Australia, Ziptrak® blinds help keep out rain, dust, heat, insects and high-floor litter from semi-outdoor spaces, while providing privacy, natural ventilation and UV protection.

Typical Ziptrak® Installation at Balcony



Ziptrak® has over 30 years of experience in the blinds industry, and continuously invests in research and development, to produce innovative and high-quality products.


Ziptrak® features a patented spring-balanced track system, that allows the blind to be raised, lowered or stopped in any position, with minimal effort. That is why motorisation is not required (available as an option). The spring-balanced track system also eradicates the need for cords and cables, which can snap; or cranks which are slow and tedious to operate.


The Ziptrak® system utilises a patented side spline design; the spline is high frequency welded to the mesh fabric or clear PVC on both sides, to ensure an extrememly strong bond to the material, that holds up well against strong winds of 140km/hr!

Outdoor Blind under gusty wind condition

Track-guided blinds means you enjoy better protection.

Track-guided outdoor blinds are designed so that the mesh or clear PVC material meets the track without any gap for wind or insects to enter through, or cold air to escape from. In this patented design, the blind material is attached to Ziptrak® Spline Tape, which is welded to both the front and rear of the blind material. This spline tape slides down a groove in the tracks; which are fitted along the left and right side of the opening. This reinforced spline allows our blind to grip firmly to the vertical tracks, so the bottom bar doesn’t rattle, even in strong winds. Get Ziptrak® outdoor blinds in Singapore now!



  • Light and easy to use

Our patented spring-balanced system makes Ziptrak® blinds light and easy to use, regardless of size. Simply push up or pull down the bottom bar with one hand, and leave at any height. For blinds that are way above your head, use the pull-stick provided to pull down the blinds.

With Ziptrak® blinds, there are no dangerous cords, rusty wire cables or clumsy zippers to deal with. Thanks to the spring-balanced tube, motorisation is not required. No automation means you save money.

  • No rattling even in strong winds

Ziptrak® blinds are uniquely built to withstand strong winds, and will not rattle. This is due to its patented side spline; which is high frequency welded to the front and back of the fabric; making it the toughest system in the market.

In wind loading tests performed by the University of Adelaide, on a 2.5m wide by 2.5m high Ziptrak® Sunshade blind, the blind was shown to withstand winds of 139km/hr! Also, the fabric stays flat along the spline, so you won’t get wrinkles and creases along the spline when the blind is fully lowered.

  • Locks into place

Ziptrak® blinds have locking mechanisms which allow the blinds to be locked when fully down, providing a secure hold, even in windy conditions. To unlock, press our unique Centre Lock Release, and both the left and right locks will release simultaneously.

  • Go wide

Ziptrak® blinds can fit spaces up to 6m wide and 4.7m tall. Unlike traditional manual blinds that only go up to 2m wide, our ultra-wide blind means you can have a single blind, instead of multiple blinds with gaps in-between. No gaps means you enjoy better protection for your outdoor space.

  • Protect your investment with a pelmet

A pelmet encloses and protects the blind from weather and sun, when it’s rolled up. This helps the blind to look great and operate flawlessly for years. In particular, pelmets are an important addition when the blind is installed outside of the structure.