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Venetian Blind

What is a Venetian Blind?

A Venetian Blind is made of thin horizontal slats which can be rotated to control privacy level and/or to regulate natural daylight from outside. Individual slats can be drawn all the way to the top for unblocking view.

It is usually avaialble in cord drawn system. Motorised option is also available which can be controlled with remote control or using smart phone apps. This is especially useful for high window where cord drawn is proved to be a difficult option. Motorised system also eliminates the need of pulling cords and it is popular for child safety reason.

PVC, Wooden or Aluminium Venetian Blind

Whatever you call it, this product is here to stay. If you are going the minimalist path for your home, or just want to have easier daily up-keeping routine, must consider doing it with our Venetian Blinds.

At J & S Design, we offer different types of coloured tapes. They are gorgeous and allow your blinds to make a great statement.

Get inspired here...

3 Types of Venetian Blinds


⊕ Light & durable
⊕ Moisture & damp resistant
⊕ Available in bright colours
⊕ Recommended in office, kitchen, bathroom


 ⊕ Moisture & damp resistant
⊕ Cheaper alternative
⊕ Suitable in almost all areas even in wet or humid conditions like kitchen or bathroom
⊗ Heavy


⊕ Relatively light
⊕ Warm & softer appearance
⊕ Natural & classy
⊕ Recommended in living, dining or bedrooms
⊗ Warp or fade under humid condition


Allow better light filtering and privacy control
Sleek and stylish
Create a tidy and uniform look inside and outside view
Save installation space


Not able to achieve blackout effect for bedroom
Poorer sound insulation as compare with Curtains


Minimum Size

Cord Drawn Width 50cm x Height 50cm
Motorised Width 100cm x Height 50cm


Maximum Size

 Cord Drawn Width 180cm x Height 150cm
Motorised Width 230cm x Height 280cm