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Ordering Guide and Understanding Curtains
20th Jul 19

Our products are all custom made accordlng to your specifications and sizes. When shopping for your curtains and blinds, do some research beforehand on the different types of materials and tracking systems that is available, as well as their pros and cons.


Visit Our Showroom

Touch & Feel is your very first step. Walk-in to our showroom for our extensive range of fabrics. We will show you the latest design and different types of fabrics with spectrum of colours. We have plenty of display items for your visualisation. From the selection of fabric to the delivery of the final product, a personal contact will be on hand throughout the whole process to advise and guide you.

At your convenience, we will request to visit your place to take the measurement. After studying your place and preference, we will make recommendation with a customised solution to fit your requirements. We are also able to provide solutions for challenging odd-shape window as well. As we are the manufacturer with no middleman, we are able to offer maximum quality control. With our own production department, we do not sub-contract our sewing and installation works to any third-party. For high ceiling, we are able to provide scaffolding for safe installation. We use drill with vacuum attachment to reduce dust and provide protection against possible damage to your floor during installation.


Our services include:

  • Site measurement
  • Supply of fabrics & hardware
  • Sewing work
  • Installation


Lead time

Avoid buying curtains during festival seasons. Fabrics may run out of stock due to higher demand. Standard fabric production lead time is usually 8-10 weeks. You may end up with an alternative.

Buying curtain only from a trusted source. When you found a problem with your purchase, be sure you are able to get after sales service.

Subject to the fabric availability, standard production lead time for our curtains is about 2-3 weeks. Let us know if you need it earlier, we will try our best to accommodate.


General Fabric Care

The best thing you can do for window furnishings is to vacuum them frequently. Removing surface dust will keep it from settling into the fabric. Most decorative fabrics are not designed to be washed. When fabrics have been made into a finished product with lining and/or trimmings, they should never be washed because each product will react differently to washing and drying. Do not store or pack curtains when wet. Remove hooks, buttons, pins or any other attachment before washing. Professional laundry cleaning is always recommended.


Colour Fastness

It is important to note that no fabric is 100% colour fast and that it is impossible to prevent colours fading against Sunlight, especially in Singapore. Constant exposure to the direct rays of the sun will break down fabric fibres, causing them to become brittle and resulting in the affected area breaking when cleaned. We recommend lining to all curtains and blinds. This will not only protecting the fabric from exposing to direct sunlight, it also helps to give the fabrics an improved appearance.


Curtain Linings

In order to give your curtains the best appearance we recommend that you have them lined. They will hang better and the lining also gives them better protection from the sunlight.

We offer 3 types of lining:

  • Polyester Lining – popular and cost effective. This type of lining is easy to maintain and can be machine washed.
  • Dimout/Blackout Lining – recommended for bedroom as they helps to prevent light from coming into bedroom.
  • Interlining (bump lining) – suitable to use in audio video room, hotel lobby and bedrooms. Besides providing better sound absorption, it helps to give the curtains an improved and luxurious appearance.



All fabrics are prone to shrinkage and it is important that sufficient allowances be made. An allowance of 3% is considered an acceptable industry standard. As such, most our curtains come with hemming and we can provide extension of curtain length should you need it.



Fabrics like linens and wools are sensitive to fluctuation in atmospheric temperature. During the initial installation, they are expected to stretch when room temperature is rising or air-conditioning is switched off. Do allow 2-3 weeks for them to settle down. We undertake to make the necessary adjustment thereafter.


Pattern Matching

Fabrics are usually come in 2 different width – full width or half width. Full width is usually ranging from 274cm to 320cm. Light weight fabrics like sheer materials are usually in full width. Whereas half width is usually from 137cm to 160cm.

For half width fabrics, curtains are made up by joining different panels. If the fabric has a pattern, we will have to match the pattern if 2 or more panels are required. Most of the time, we must skip some fabric to match pattern. This will result in fabric wastage.


Fabric Dye-lot

Fabric colour varies from dye-lot to dye-lot. If the same fabric is used in a big area, we recommend curtains to be ordered at the same time to ensure same dye-lot.