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Tembeling Road

Living room - close up_
Entertainment room - roman blinds fully drawn_

Location: Tembeling Road         Type of Dwelling: Landed


Master Bedroom

Ecolux Sheer Blind for this pair of unique bedroom windows is to allow daylights to come through. A decorative fabric wide-width motorised Roman Blind stands out in the white bedroom which covers the pair of windows neatly.




Entertainment Room

Single piece wide-width acoustic Roman Blind. For Roman Blind, one is usually better than 2 pieces for the same window. This is because it eliminates light leakage through the gap in between the 2 blinds. In this job, motorised system is deployed as the blind is too heavy to be drawn up manually. With the help of state-of-art sewing machine, the sewing work is precise and neat. Lush velvet fabric is used for wall panelling, sofa and the Roman Blind – beautiful & elegant, best of all, it cut out noise from outside and provide sound absorption within the room!


Living Room                                                                                                                                                                      

White is the fondness of the owners. The soft touch of the pristine curtains created comforting area.